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Digital partner for Advanced-Age Managers

A challenge to our society

Offering our elders adapted and adaptable living spaces to allow them to live happily. Providing the best digital services towards the people working in the Advanced-Age sector, therefore enabling them to offer the best care of their aging beneficiaries.
Technosens aims, within 5 years, to become Europe’s reference service platform for graceful aging.

A Scientific and Ethics Committee

A thought-and-suggestion engine within technosens : the Scientific and Ethics Committee enables us to better seize the needs and habits of individuals with a decaying autonomy, and to provide them with adapted technical solutions.
Respect for the person and his private life is the core objective of the Committee.

A Profession

To develop a digital environment of intelligent software able to connect men and technologies.
Our human and technical proficiencies are recognized by several labels, such as:

  • the label IMAGINOVE for image processing,
  • le label ELOPSYS for network security,
  • le label MINALOGIC for our electronic and embedded systems.

Our values are our force


Technosens develops customizable interfaces which adapt to the user's capacities and constraints. The Just Simple label, issued by Technosens, thus guarantees equipments and services accessible to everybody thanks to their simplicity and ease of use.

Open to the world

Directly connected to the social and economical world, Technosens involves numerous partners in its activities. It’s from a wealth of exchanges that solutions are conceived and developed.


By its commitment, Technosens has a federating role among health professionals (medicalized residences for dependent persons, hospitals, senior homes), social partners, (public entities, health insurance organizations) and home-care givers (service providers), by renewing the social link.


Technosens give a huge importance to Researching & Developing innovative solutions with a high added value in terms of use.

The story of Technosens

Chose a job you love and you will never work a single day in your life – Confucius.

« Founded in 2007, Technosens was born from my grandfather’s Alzheimer’s disease. At that time, he could not be permitted to remain in his own home. His departure to a retirement home was traumatic for the entire family, especially the split, since there were practically no means of maintaining contact.

After working intensely, in 2006 I received the First Prize in the National Examination of the French Ministry of Research, and happily, an award enabling me to register Technosens and hire our first computer engineers.

The Scientific and Ethics Committee was created immediately to ensure that our developments keep being human in every sense of the word. We leaned on our log books: gerontology, neurology, sociology,… the “soft” sciences confronting the “hard”. After several small orders, we signed our first big contract to entirely connect a new, 220-room, medicalized residence for dependent seniors in 2011. Upon connecting several other establishments, we joined the group KRG/SeniorAdom to enrich our offer and extend our activity internationally.

Pioneer in the Silver Economy, today, we alone are able to offer our clients 10 years of user feedback for still more comfort, security and enjoyable use. Today, our efforts are concentrated on developing the first platform for medico-social services, from home automation to telemedicine. This will offer them a unique environment from which to pilot service offers for the elderly, for their families and for intervening professionals.

We believe in Aging Well and are convinced that the ideal, economically viable solution will be based on a mix of human and technological assistance.

Passionate and expert, we start every day with the will and pride of improving the daily lives of our elderly, bearing in mind that our results will also one day apply to us… “

Thierry Chevalier Founder - Technosens